About Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids


We are committed to creating aware and supportive ‘Dementia Friends’ throughout all sectors of our community so that people living with dementia can comfortably navigate daily life.


Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids got it’s start as a group of professionals that were convened by a community member to address a problem – the problem that the public was not connected with the myriad of resources available to help a person with dementia and his/her caregivers. After meeting informally for several years,  the group made a commitment in 2014  to making Grand Rapids the first dementia friendly community in Michigan, and is garnering the support and partnerships needed to make it happen.


In the spring of 2017 the Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan (AAAWM) began providing the Dementia Friend sessions through a sub-licensing agreement with Dementia Friends USA.  As the state entity we are beginning to spread Dementia Friends throughout Michigan.  Four Area Agency on Aging regions  have begun the process of bringing Dementia Friends to their communities.  In addition, we are working to bring Dementia Friends to all of the communities served by AAAWM in Region 8 counties in Michigan.


Join us and become a Dementia Friend.  Learn the basics about dementia and what you can do to make our community a safe, respectful, and engaging place to be for people with dementia.