Targeted Sectors

All community sectors play a valuable role in ensuring the highest quality of life for persons with dementia.

Take action. Request a Dementia Friend session and learn how you can become more informed, supportive, and helpful.

Dementia Friendly Communities include –

  1. Neighbors & Community
  2. Communities of Faith
  3. Legal and Advance Planning Services 
  4. Transportation
  5. Health Care Throughout the Continuum
  6. Banks and Financial Institutions
  7. Businesses
  8. Emergency Planning and Response
  9. Public Spaces and Environment
  10. Educational Institutions and Nonprofits


2018 Targeted Sector  Business Sector  with emphasis on sub-sector areas including restaurants, grocery stores, hair boutiques/barbers, local shops, libraries, gas stations, etc.


If you are a part of one of the 10 ten sectors, either personally or professionally, and would like to help spread the Dementia Friend movement, please let us know at or request a training under the BECOME Dementia Friendly tab.


Adapted from ACT Alzheimer’s®o developed tool and resources and Dementia Friendly America® Dementia Friendly Communities Toolkit